Abecedario afectivo: José Morales-Instalaciones

Puerto Rico is filled with larger than life art, which is one of the reasons I decided to move here for awhile. Thankfully, I’ve made a few artsy hip friends who brought me along to the Museo de Arte de Puero Rico for a tour of their most recent exhibition titled “Abecedario afectivo: José Morales-Instalaciones.”

The exhibition as a whole is divided into three installations. Content of these shows explore the juxtaposition between the high society art/advertising world and what what we see daily throughout Puerto Rican streets, war, childhood struggles, parental affection, and the minute instances in between these topics. The execution and exhibition design is thought provoking. Did I mention there are interactive surprises within it all?

Curator Juan Carlos López Quintero lead us through the shows, articulately speaking about  New york based artist José Morales and his process. The lecture was of course in Spanish, so I didn’t understand it all. However, I did understand more than I would have 7 weeks ago, so feel great about that.

Visit the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico  (http://mapr.org/es) now until December 28th to see this work. Friends in the states, it’s worth the trip.


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nyc. part one.

IMG_9354nyc photo. IMG_9373IMG_9376IMG_9407 IMG_9408 IMG_9426IMG_9432 IMG_9435IMG_9439 IMG_9447IMG_9466IMG_9495 IMG_9499IMG_9511 IMG_9513 IMG_9519 IMG_9536 IMG_9543IMG_9548IMG_9545summertime, 2014. digital photos (after my 35mm canon broke at the gallery), nyc, all rights reserved.

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transformus, 2014
transformus0998001009980012;transformus 201409980013 09980014 09980015 09980017 09980018 09980019 09980021 09980022 0998002409990013 09990016 09990019 099900200999001809960005 0996000609990003it was crazy raining and we all are really crazy. transformus, 2014. 35mm, original work, all rights reserved.

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bonnaroo, 2014.

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ananda 020ananda 017

i found myself once more tagging along on one of morgan ford’s assignments.

this time, she was shooting promo shots for ananda hair salon’s fashion show, titled “a moment in time.”

above: two shots asheville model, patrice wilson.

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guava 158
guava 161

big guava festival, 2014.

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remembering 003 remembering 001 <a

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