the creative class, vintage fabrics & recycled energy.

Perhaps I  first noticed her dress. With this immediate glance I knew Annie was dynamic. I met her at a craft fair and fell in love with her clothing line, SweetCycle. SweetCycle Apparel is a collaboration between Annie who lives in Asheville and her business partner Christina, who lives in Portland. 

SweetCycle comes to life in Annie and Christina’s home studios. Using vintage fabrics and fresh ideas they reinvent old pieces, creating new designs that speak directly to the fashionably conscious.  To say the least these pieces are made with tremendousness amounts of love and energy.

In reflecting on energy Annie and I discussed travelling, food, work, color, design, relationships, tribulations and life. 

“Energy is in everything-intentions, actions, our creations & dynamics between each other. It can be subtle or bold.”  Annie Oxenfeld, SweetCycle designer

Check out Sweetcycle’s site at

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